Volunteering with Wild Bird Aid

Becoming a Wild Bird Aid (WBA) volunteer will be a great experience for you personally as you will have the opportunity to become part of a small team of dedicated people who want to make a difference for suffering birds living in the wild. Respecting they are equal to us humans when it comes to feeling pain, fear and loss, the kind donation of your valuable time, skill, experience and compassion will be returned with the good feeling to have helped somebody in need, making sure they receive the care and dignity they deserve.

Volunteer Driver

We always look for volunteer drivers across the island who can help us with the transport of birds in need of our care from the rescue site to us, in Wootton Bridge.Please get in touch, if you have your own transport, don’t mind to be bothered in the usually least convenient moment of your day, as almost all birds need to be taken care of as soon as possible. You might become the link between life and death for that bird!

Fundraising Organiser

The point of becoming a charity is mainly to raise awareness for a good cause and get as many like minded people onboard to help with crucial funds needed to achieve the high goals set.Without funds there is no charity activity.If you are passionate about helping wild birds in need, from rescue to release, organising and networking are your second nature, then we would love to talk to you and explain in detail your potential involvement with our charity.

Please call either Claire (07874 660863) or Kerstin (07935 487306) for the above roles or indeed any volunteering for WBA you have in mind.Alternatively, drop us a line by using our email contact form and we will get back to you asap.

Wild Bird Aid - Registered Charity No. 1170857