Shooting Incident

This week we had two beautiful white feral pigeons admitted within 24 hours of one another, both with shot wounds. A third was reported to us as being in distress, and showing signs of having been shot, but had flown off by the time we arrived to rescue it. The first, Freesia, was sadly very badly injured, and died within a few hours of admittance, and a metal airgun-type pellet was removed from her body. The second, Quilter, was ‘luckier’ in that the pellet had only damaged his wing. These birds were found within a short distance of each other in Brading, and the third who flew off was also spotted close by.

The area in which they were all found is residential, so it is rather worrying that these birds are being shot in such close proximity to people and houses. Whilst sadly it is not illegal in certain circumstances to shoot a feral pigeon in the UK, shooting in a residential area, and across boundaries of land ownership is - so not only are these pigeons being cruelly and unnecessarily harmed, but the act of doing so is against the law.

Feral Pigeon Quilter

Feral Pigeon Freesia

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