Please don't email us about a casualty as we may not be able to check our email more than once a day. Poorly or injured birds suffer like us and may need help as soon as possible, which will also give them the best chance of survival. For wildlife emergencies please choose the relevant phone number listed below.This email form is for general and non-urgent enquiries or advice only.

Wild Bird Aid - Claire Newsome

Species: All native bird species with emphasis onseabirds, pigeons and doves

Phone:07874 660863

Wild Bird Aid - Kerstin Voigt

Species: All native bird species with emphasis oncorvids (ravens, carrion crows, rooks, jays, magpies, jackdaws), birds of prey as well as swallows, martins,nightjars and swifts

Phone:07935 487306

Wild Bird Aid - Registered Charity No. 1170857