Animal Rights and Animal Ethics

This site aims to provide access to some basic resources related to the very important issue of animal and human rights.You can find here a small selection (work in progress) of related topics you may find interesting. This list is by far not exclusive, but we hope that it will give you a starting point and hopefully some good ideas where to go from here.It is very important to understand that animal and human rights are intrinsingly connected, and should not be seen asseparate issues. Non-violence is at the core of all ourendeavours in life.

Walking the path of holistic nonviolence is about questioning ALL forms of oppression and violence, seeking to better understand their common roots, and choosing alternatives. It is about being unwilling -- directly or indirectly -- to take part in violence, to profit from the harm of others, or to willfully ignore oppression. It is about refusing to intentionally take away the dignity, bodily integrity, freedom, or the life of another individual, no matter how they may differ from ourselves, be they a fellow human or a fellow animal.

James LaVeck and Jenny Stein

A riveting story of transformation and healing, PEACEABLE KINGDOM: THE JOURNEY HOME explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and who have now come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life.

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